Hard at work in the studio!Mark Bradford is one of the top song parody writer/producers in America. He has been writing and producing song parodies for radio full-time since 1988. He currently works with stations across the country including KKRW in Houston, KCMO in Kansas City, WMGK in Philadelphia, and WLTM in Atlanta. He is a regular contributor to the nationally syndicated Morning Sidekick, which is carried on over 100 radio stations nationwide.

He first gained prominence as a song parody artist in 1988 with Gamblin' Rose (to the tune of Ramblin' Rose by Nat King Cole) at the height of the Pete Rose scandal. Since then he has gone on to consistently produce one classic after another, including Fly Like Sununu to Fly Like An Eagle, Speaker Of the House (about Newt Gingrich) to Leader Of The Pack, Mommy Madonna (during Madonna's pregnancy) to Lady Madonna, and Bomb Shack (about the Unabomber) to Love Shack by the B-52's. His recent hits, which you can hear on the Demos page, include Martha's Goin' To Prison to Folsom Prison Blues, and I Wanna Be The Pope, to I Wanna Hold Your Hand about the election of a new Pope.

Mark's approach to parody writing is topic-driven. Rather than trying to find some way to twist the current hits, Mark takes the current hot topic, and finds the definitive song to fit that topic. The other thing that sets Mark apart from other parody artists and services, is how much of his work is focused on local issues for his clients. Time after time, whether it's a song about a local politician, a traffic issue, or rooting for the local sports teams, Mark's song parodies bring attention and listener response to the stations that carry his service.

Mark lives in Denver, Colorado with his wife, Sharon. They have been married since 1977. Sharon works in the computer graphics industry, and is a unique visual artist.