Funny, topical lyrics, and the best production values in the business make Bradford's Boogies a sure hit for your show. Just listen to the demos on this page and hear for yourself!



An excerpt from And We Pay, to And She Was, about Tax time.


 An excerpt from Bash My Car, to Drive My Car, about Tiger Woods.

 An excerpt from Bed Bugs Keep Crawlin' On My Bed, to Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head, about bed bugs.


 An excerpt from Everybody Must Get Scanned, to Rainy Day Women, about the new body scanners at airports.


 An excerpt from Jesse's Girl, to Jesse's Girl , about Sandra Bullock and Jesse James.


 An excerpt from My Toyota, to My Sharona, about Toyota's brake recall.

An excerpt from Oh Mel to Oh Well, about Mel Gibson.


An excerpt from Rescued Form The Gold Mine to Workin' In A Coal Mine, about the Chilean miners.


An excerpt from Thank God You're A Stupid Boy to Thank God I'm A Country Boy, about the Times Square bomber, customized for WMGK in Philadelphia.

 An excerpt from The Old Man In The Game to The Old Man Down The Road, about Brett Favre.
 An excerpt from The Spam Boat to The Love Boat theme, about the troubled cruise ship.
 An excerpt from Who'll Stop The Spill? to Who'll Stop The Rain, about the BP oil spill.
 Local issue song parody, for WMGK in Philadelphia. An excerpt from The Roys Are Back, to The Boys Are Back, about the Phillies.


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