Bradford's Boogies supplies topical song parodies throughout the year, at least once per week. In addition, subscribers can order customized songs about local issues. Although local, customized songs are part of the service, only subscribers in the top 25 markets get unlimited customization.

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The songs are delivered as MP3 files from this website, or as email attachments, if necessary. This allows me to be as current as possible with song topics, and to provide extremely fast turnaround. When a major story breaks, chances are Bradford's Boogies subscribers will have a song about it they can play the following day.

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Although I come up with most of the song ideas (out of necessity), if you have an idea for a song, I want to hear it! When it comes to local songs, subscribers are encouraged to submit ideas, lyrics and information about the issue, whether it's a political issue, a scandal, or a song rooting for a local sports team. Your input is valued!

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Bradford's Boogies is a market-exclusive cash service. Prices are based on market size. Sorry, but barter is not available at this time. There is a one year contract, renewable each calendar year.

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Email for more information, or call 303-224-0069.

Thanks for checking out Bradford's Boogies!