Can't say enough about your quality songs week after week. You are the master! Just one reason why we tell each and every new GM that Bradford's Boogies is on the "Protected List." Thanks again.

Randy & Spiff, Morning Show Hosts, WLCL, Atlanta


Hi Mark- Just a note of thanks for your great work. I especially loved your recent Jesse's World parody. Of course my all time favorite is Clintonian Rhapsody. I'm constantly playing your stuff for friends in radioand they agree that your stuff is as good if not better than the stuff Rush uses on his show! That's quite a complement. Thanks again and I really appreciate your openness to ideas we have for song topic material.

Howard Freedman, National PD, Salem Communications


Bradford's Boogies has consistently been able to create timely cutting edge parodies of the day's news/lifestyle events. His mixture of voices and tunes is unparalleled. Use it before you competitor does!

Duane Link, Program Director, KEX, Portland


Kudos on the really good, quick work on "Along Comes Gary." On the heels of the shark-bite song, you've been doing truly top-notch stuff
lately, and it's a pleasure to both play and hear on my show. Thanks for the quality!

Paul Harris, Show Host
The Big 550 KTRS, St. Louis


Mark Bradford is one of, if not the most, creative person I know. He has the uncanny ability to feel the pulse of the city, put his thoughts into a song, and create hilarious words to parody songs. The songs are not only entertaining but thought provoking. An asset to our radio show.

Scott Hastings, Host, The Sports Zoo, KOA, Denver


Sounds Great! Another winner from Mark Bradford!! Bradford has outdone himself this time!!!!! We've used him for nine years and can't seem to stop!!!!! If there was someone better we would have found him by now!!!!!!!

Dean & Roger, Morning show hosts, KKRW, Houston